Friday, October 1, 2010

When the Governing Body Dismembers people what do they do with the body parts?

Ray Franz, in his book Crisis of Conscience, reports that Most of the Governing Bodys' time is spent on dismembering people and issues of dismembering people. (R. Franz, Crisis of Conscience. p.111)

Does the governing body put the dismembered body parts in the closet or bury them in the basement?

How does the governing body account for blood loss during the 'dismembership.' Do they have some bloodless procedure??

Has the Governing body supersceded medical science in their ability to dismember without blood loss?

I'm sure that Ray Franz would not agree with my interpretation of his fine work. He would, however, agree that the survival of tens of thousands of families is more important than the survival of the blood sucking governing body.